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Illustration from

the story of Bayad and Riyad, 13th century

Vatican City, Bibliotheca Apostolica, manuscript Vaticano arabo 368 (riserva)

f. 19r. Image of Bayad lying, passed out, on the bank of the river and image of the young relative of the Old who stops beside his companion and gives a funeral eulogy, both located in front of one of the gardens of the River Tartar.

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Referenced in p35, The Moors - The Islamic West - 7th-15th Centuries AD by David Nicolle:
It is perhaps typical of the peaceful civilisation of Islamic Andalus that its only surviving fully illustrated manuscript is the love story of Bayad and Riyad. Dating from the 13th century, it illustrates Andalusian costume in great detail. Here the turbaned hero bemoans his fate while lying next to one of the water-wheels which were a feature of the irrigated and intensively cultivated valleys of Andalus.

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