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Chronica Majora by Matthew Paris

Matthaei Paris Chronica Maiora II

Sea Battle between the Pisans and Genoese, 1241

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Sea fight of Pisans and Genoese. Cities right and left.

Chronica Maiora II, Saint Albans, England, ca. 124053. Folio 147R, MS 16II, Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Figure 164, p258 The Art of Matthew Paris in the Chronica Majora by Suzanne Lewis, 1987.

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The first Battle of Meloria took place on 3 May 1241 near Meloria islet, off Livorno, Italy. It was fought between the fleet of the emperor Frederick II, called Stupor Mundi, in alliance with Pisa, against a Genoese squadron bringing a number of English, French and Spanish prelates to attend the council summoned to meet at the Lateran by Pope Gregory IX. He had denounced Frederick II as a heretic and summoned a council to give point to his anathema. Three Genoese galleys were sunk and twenty-two taken. Several of the prelates perished, and many were carried prisoners to the camp of the emperor.
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