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Chronica Majora by Matthew Paris

Matthaei Paris Chronica Maiora I

Two Templars on a Horse & Queen Matilda's Hospital

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Two Templars on one horse. Hospital founded by Matilda in London.

Chronica Maiora I, Saint Albans, England, ca. 124053. Folio 110v, MS 26, Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Figure 47, p90 The Art of Matthew Paris in the Chronica Majora by Suzanne Lewis, 1987.
Referenced on p169, God's Warriors, Knights Templar, Saracens and the Battle for Jerusalem by Helen Nicholson & David Nicolle:
An outsider's view of the Order: two Templars on one horse, fully armed and showing the Order's black and white shield, with a black section above and white beneath. This drawing, based on the image on the Order's seal (see page 164), appears in the Chronica majora or 'Greater Chronicle' of Matthew Paris, chronicler of the abbey of St Albans in England. It represents the most common outsiders' view of the Order: religious warriors united in the service of Christ.

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