Illustration from

Histoire d'Outremer

par Guillaume de Tyr
traduction franšaise avec continuation jusqu'en 1232

[By William of Tyre - French translation with continuation until 1232]

Made in Northern France, between 1232 and 1261

British Library Manuscript: Yates Thompson 12

f132 Nureddin, Sultan of Damascus

Detail of an historiated initial 'R'(eines) with a mail-coated Nureddin, the Sultan of Damascus, with bare legs and an open helmet, fleeing on horseback with a foal underfoot from two knights (Godfrey Martel and Hugh de Lusignan the elder) pursuing him on war horses, trampling a dismembered torso.

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Military Illustrations from the Histoire d'Outremer, Northern France, between 1232 and 1261