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The arrival of Guy of Namur and William of Jülich at Bruges

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Arrival of Guy of Namur and William of Jülich at Bruges. Both noblemen (Guy was a son of the count of Flanders and William a grandson) don't wear a great-helm, as the rest of their train do, but a skullcap with mail coif. Guy is the knight with the lion on his shield with a scaloped bar across it. William has a lion on his shield with a silver lilly on its shoulder. Both knights wear shoulder-shields (ailettes) which usually bear the owner's blazon. William of Jülich's ailettes however show five discs. A knight's blazon is normally also shown on the horse's trappers, but not on this panel. Note the high saddles which almost anchor a knight on his horse. The man at right is a soldier from the Bruges town militia, armed with a plançon à picot and protected by a skullcap with mail coif and a hauberk with gloves beneath his jupon.

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