Miniature of MacMorogh, the Irish chieftain,
coming to confer with the Earl of Gloucester, 1399.

Art Oge Macmurrough Kavanagh

The British Library Ms Harley 1319, folio 9.
Full manuscript
From the account of Jean Creton La Prinse et mort du roy Richart (Book of the Capture and Death of King Richard II), Paris, France.
Illustrated by the Virgil Master (fl. in Paris, c. 1309-1420). Jean Creton (fl. 1386–1420), historian and poet.
This work was commissioned between November 1401 and March 1402 by Philip the Bold, duke of Burgundy.
In April 1399 Creton was sent by Charles VI of France (r. 1380-1422) to accompany Richard II to Ireland.
Creton sailed with the earl of Salisbury to north Wales, and gave an eyewitness account of the capture of the king.
This is one of seven copies of the texts.

Copies at the Bibliothèque nationale de France: Français 1441, Français 1668, Français 14645 & NAF 6223.
Français 1441, folio 4 is the only illumination.

Drawings based on the above illumination:
Irish Chieftain, Art Oge Macmurrough Kavanagh,14th-15th Centuries by Ian Heath
Irish Horseman c.1400 by Ian Heath

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