Carolingian Ivory Plaque of a Soldier
Triumph of Virtue over Evil
France, 9th century, Bargello

Ivory carving of the Triumph of Virtue over Evil, from Ambronay Abbey, by the School of the Palace of Charlemagne, French, 9th century AD, Bargello, Florence, Italy

A 9th-century French ivory plaque. The scale hauberk worn by this warrior has little in common with late Roman armour and may show a genuine type of Carolingian defence. (Bargello, Florence)
Source: p.12, The Age of Charlemagne (Men-at-Arms 150) by D.Nicolle, A.McBride

See also Carolingian Soldiers in the Apocalypse of St Amand or Cambrai Apocalypse, 9th Century, Bib. Munic., Ms. 386, Cambrai, France
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